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C&M Electric Motor Repair has worked on many Gulf Coast city and large business electric motors for over 45 Years. For the homeowner C&M has rewound and repaired many personal single phase motors, from pool pumps to sump pumps and more. Give us a call and we’ll answer your questions, then come see us at the shop.

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We carry bearings and seals for your home project


We carry New motors in all sizes ordered and delivered or picked up


Years of experience and still going strong

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Specializing in rewind and repair of single phase as well as three phase electric motors. C&M has been in business for over 45 years providing quality service. C&M also offers sales of new electrical motors. We have been in the same location at 3702 Magnolia St in Moss Point Mississippi and have been an integral part of the community.

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Affordable rewind and repair of all types and sizes of single and three phase motors. Let us know the size and horsepower of a motor you need and we can get it from our many suppliers.
Our team of qualified electric motor repair specialists at C&M Electric Motor Repair are ready to assist you. Each electric motor brought in gets tested to make sure it’s at top performance before you leave the shop.
When we get your single or three phase motor be assured it will be in the best hands around. Quality care is given in every aspect from the breakdown to rebuild process.

Owner Robert Carr